Putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle tank is probably more common than you might think. The Fuel Doctor is skilled in giving reassurance and advice to our customers. In particular we don’t want to waste time and effort in transporting the vehicle to a third party garage or workshop which can prove to be costly in both recovery and fuel drainage cost along with time! You may then be presented with unexpected parts costs on top of all the other costs That is why our vehicles are fully equipped to handle all jobs at the roadside.

The price quoted is usually the price you pay and always includes VAT. We won’t normally need to supply any additional parts.

We have a bespoke system unique to us. Our explosion proof and approved pumps are by ATEX and they deliver the contaminated fuel into our own design of tank again in line with environment Agency standards. Just how much work is needed by our technician will depend somewhat on the vehicle but also whether the engine has been operated after the wrong fuel was put into the tank. This is something we will advise on when at the roadside unless already discussed on the initial call to us.

One aspect of our work that is of particular concern to us and that is Health & Safety. This applies not only to our technicians but to our customers as well, We ensure when working on your vehicle that we deploy adequate signage and lighting as appropriate for the situation we are working in and we will always answer all customer questions as fully and transparently as we possibly can.

When you call The Fuel Doctor, you are calling a highly professional company with technicians who are fully trained in customer service and disability awareness. They are both courteous and informative, well dressed in our company attire and arrive of course in our company vehicles which themselves are maintained to the highest standards.

Our technicians are all trained, licensed, accredited and qualified to work on both petrol station forecourts and roadside.